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JMS is a part of Nabeya Manufacturing Company, a trusted maker of industrial equipment, specializing in aircraft tools and jigs. We are a group company of Nabeya Holdings, founded in 1560. Our experierience and tecnhology enables us to provide precision metrology solutions for the manufacturing industry and beyond. Thank you for choosing JMS.

Management Philosophy


Through our commitment to customer satisfaction we create a brighter future.

President Tomohiko Okamoto

Company overview

Company name Nabeya Manufacturing Company, Limited
■ Yamawaki Plant
7-131 Yamawaki-cho, Kakamigahara City, Gifu 504-0928
Tel: +81-58-375-3939 / Fax: +81-58-383-6895
■ Headquarters Plant Certified JIS Q9100-2016
7-1-24 Jogo-cho, Kakamigahara City, Gifu 504-0927
Tel: +81-58-383-6351 / Fax: +81-58-383-6361
■ Technoplaza Plant
2-12 Technoplaza, Kakamigahara City, Gifu 509-0109
Tel: +81-58-370-6351 / Fax: +81-58-370-6371
Founded 1560
Initial capital 40 million yen
Incorporated 1971
Business description Manufacture of jigs, special tools and parts for heavy industrial manufacturers; machining of heavy castings; 3D laser metrology, etc.
  • Taemon Okamoto, CEO
  • Tomohiko Okamoto, President
  • Tadashi Goshima, Senior Managing Director
Number of employees 97 (average age of 38)
Main clients Aircraft, automotive and various other industrial manufacturers and subsidiaries.
Main bank Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank

Yamawaki Plant

7-131 Yamawaki-cho, Kakamigahara City, Gifu

Headquarters Plant

7-1-24 Jogo-cho, Kakamigahara City, Gifu

Technoplaza Plant

2-12 Technoplaza, Kakamigahara City, Gifu

Nabeya Holdings Company, Limited

□Okamoto Company, Limited
Business description: Manufacturing and sales of special-use waterworks pipes, manhole covers; cast iron landscaping and construction materials, gas lamps, wood stoves, tool and die components.
□Nabeya Company, Limited
Business description: Manufacturing, sales, import and export of precision tools, surface plates for precision inspection, vibration-insulation/reduction devices, cast bronze temple bells, etc.
□Sanai Okamoto Company, Limited
Business description: manufacture and sales of home building components; general contracting for home construction, renovations, remodeling and landscaping.
□Mikurodent Company, Limited
Business description: Low-temperature black chrome plating (TM) Mikurodent for rust prevention and light absorbency in special industrial and scientific applications.
  • 株式会社 岡本
  • 株式会社 ナベヤ
  • 株式会社 サンアイ岡本

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