Specialty services for BIM and ALM

Scanning and reverse modeling

With point cloud data,
the possibilites are endless.

With our wide selection of scanners and software, we can offer various specialized services including plant/infrastructure modeling for BIM, reverse engineering for prototyping/3D-printing and more. Contact JMS today to learn more about how we can provide solutions for your project(s).
By utilizing reverse modeling and 3D print shaping, can you increase the speed of your business?

Example of a reverse engineered part:

By utilizing reverse modeling and 3D print shaping, can you increase the speed of your business?

Deliverable data formats

  • Point cloud data
  • Polygon mesh data
  • 2D/3D CAD surface/solid data
  • Color-map data
  • ALM/CAM-ready data and more!

With point cloud data, the possibilites are endless.

  • Galaxy-Eye Modeler
  • 3D modeling and printing

Case Studies

Layout Change Demo

Simulation plant layout, remodeling, etc.
Galaxy-Eye makes layout change simulation easy by enabling direct manipulation (rotate, transform) of point cloud regions.

Clash Detection Demos

  • Animated Clash Detection for Moving Targets

    Clash detection for moving objects
    By setting up an animated clash check from point cloud data, interference regions can be easily identified and saved for future reference.

  • Static clash detection

    Plant layout changes made simple
    Quickly iterate through candidate layout configurations and save time and labor.

Pipe Modeling Demo

  • CAD pipe modeling

    Galaxy-Eye features a library of typical pipe objects for rapid BIM. Supports conversion to isometric drawings.

  • Wall modeling

    Galaxy-Eye can extract CAD planes from point cloud data for modeling walls and other flat surfaces.

Isometric Drawing Demo

Isometric drawing automatically generated from Galaxy-Eye

Isometric drawing automatic preparation function

Point cloud → CAD → Iso-drawing
Supports GD&T annotations, valve symbols, welding symbols, pipe support symbols, and support fitting constraint settings, etc.
Supports output to NASTRAN for FEA.

Piping Support Modeling Demo

Example use case
For earthquake code compliance reinforcement planning.

Structual Steel Modeling Demo

CAD structural steel modeling
Galaxy-Eye features a library of typical structural steel objects for rapid BIM.

ALM Services

Once we have scanned a target and processed the mesh, we can use the data for ALM on one of our two 3D printers.

ALM Services

Why ALM?

  • Samples your customers can touch.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Design validation.
  • Replication of priceless antiques.

Sample 3D printed parts

  • Case examples of duplication using 3D printer
  • Case examples of duplication using 3D printer

3D Printer Lineup

  • High-accuracy 3D printer AGILISTA-3200Keyence AGILISTA-3200
    Max output size: 297mm x 210mm x 200mm
    Filaments: AR-M2, AR-H1, AR-G1L, AR-G1H, AR-S1
  • 3D printer GUIDERⅡFlashforge GUIDER II
    Max output size: 280mm x 250mm x 300mm
    Filaments: ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU
    Filament size: 1.75mm

More about ALM materials

Our printers can output a variety of different materials including transparent resin, heat-resistant resin, silicone rubber, and more. Each material has different properties for different use conditions. If you need highly ductile material that will accept metal fasteners without cracking, we have that. If you need water-resistant material that is highly resistant to deformation, we have that too. Heat resistance, transparency, flexibility, whatever you need, we have the right material for any application. Our printers' max lamination pitch is 15μm, meaning we can print at high resolution for aerospace level precision applications. Before investing in precision machined metal parts made from expensive alloys, print out a prototype with JMS for design validation.

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